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A pet owner can be assured that the chances of recovering a lost animal are greatly increased.At the pound, a stray can quickly be scanned, and, if it has a microchip, the animal's owner can be identified.

If the identifier is merely a random number, it only has meaning when connected to an individual.

Barbara Jordan called for a "simpler more fraud-resistant system for verifying authorization to work" in a speech to the Senate Immigration Subcommittee in 1994.

California Proposition 187 to decrease services for illegal immigrants has been approved.

The chip is a passive transponder, without any power source, which has meant it can be kept very small. The code is burned in a [sic] the time of manufacture.

The information is non volatile and can be activated by low frequency radio waves and so read in a manner not unlike the reading of bar coded items. It has a non-magnetic, ferrite core and a copper antenna and is encased in biocompatible glass and as it is so small it can pass through the bore of a needle to be inserted.

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Is it not then conceivable that this technology might be applied to humans? For example, Alan Westin discussed the possibility of "permanent implacements of 'tagging' devices on or in the body" as early as 1967.

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